About Us


The Women’s International Fund for Education creates access to higher education for women worldwide through financial support and mentorship.


The Women’s International Fund for Education’s long-term vision is to alleviate poverty, as well other societal and environmental issues, through the education and empowerment of women. The Women’s International Fund for Education helps women worldwide go to college by providing financial support and career development and mentorship. Through frequent newsletters and the option to personally connect with the young women recipients The Women’s International Fund for Education builds cross-cultural awareness and relationships between donors and recipients. After receiving the scholarship and completing their education the recipients will become leaders within their communities and use their education to make significant impacts and changes to improve a variety of challenging conditions within their community.


The Women’s International Fund for Education is an established 501-(C)3 as of June 2013.  WIFE was founded in the late summer/early fall of 2010,  after a trip to the Philippines. Since our founding WIFE has established three board members, grown various spheres, developed a scholarship application and collaborated with organizations abroad. WIFE is currently funding the education for two women in Tanzania, Africa.  We seek to broaden our outreach- so please contact us for support!