Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

Did you know that an average consumer in the United States spends over $400 on #BlackFriday? This is close to HALF the amount of a college tuition for a full year. Give the most important gift of all this year, the gift of education.

For #GivingTuesday, WIFE’s team is starting their #TuitionTally Campaign. We will be tallying all of our spending to see how long it takes to spend what it takes for one of our scholarship recipients to attend college for a whole year. As each of us reaches our $800 tuition mark, we will be announcing how many days it has taken us to spend $800.

Learn how you can take part in the #TuitionTally Campaign on January 1st!


Soccer Tournament

WIFE’s First Annual Soccer Tournament on August 23rd, 2014 proved to be a huge success! We want to thank everyone who participated, came out to show your support, partnered with us, and donated.  We are also excited to announce that we exceeded our goal of raising $1,000 – by far our most successful fundraiser to date!


Soccer balls and bibs provided by Senda Athletics


Members of SLO Kings and Team Kicks pre-tournament




SLO Kings


Team Kicks


Volunteer Center


Carolyn, Mia, and Mel from WIFE!


Rescue Squad


Hannah explaining the rules


WIFE’s table


Team Kicks vs. Panthers


Running for the ball!


Volunteer Center vs. SLO Kings


Tournament Champions: Rescue Squad!


We raised over $1000! Thank you to the teams and all who donated! Can’t wait to see you all next year!


WIFE is excited to announce the sale of Women’s T-shirts coming soon! We love the design and will be wearing them at our Soccer Tournament!  Check them out at the tournament or we will put them up for sale on our website when they arrive.

Stay tuned!

Shirts are proudly printed by ooshirts!


OOshirts logo

UPDATE on what our shirts look like:

WIFE Shirt


They turned our great, thanks Ooshirts!

Thank You!!

WIFE wants to thank all of those who contributed to our Indiegogo Campaign.  Altogether, we raised a total of $598, we only have about $900 to go until our Basketball Tournament August 23rd.

Here is a list of those who contributed over $50:

  • Leslie Werosh
  • Robert Boies
  • Shannon Cason
  • Sue Smith
  • Shana Lehar
  • Larry Franz

We appreciate each and every one of these generous contributions. $598 is only $400 away from one entire scholarship.  We are excited at the possibility of having 3 full scholarships for the year 2015!

If you would like to donate to WIFE, simply visit the donate part of our website!

Celebrating Sacrifices and Honoring Heroes

By: Hannah Franz

“The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”

– Martin Luther King Jr. 

Today we remember and celebrate those who fought and sacrificed their lives in the pursuit of a greater good. People, such as Martin Luther King, Jr. were enlightened and strongly aware of the inequalities that existed during their time. They were likewise mindful of the long path it would take to find a panacea for these wrongs.  It is because of the path that these heroes paved that many are able to pursue their dreams and goals; able to start new paths towards the never ending struggle for true equality for all people.  Despite pockets of ignorance that exist throughout the country, the United States, as a whole, has improved drastically.  Yet, there still exists many places across this globe that are watching various inequalities play out daily; people that are waiting for the changes that many brave people fought for decades ago, and looking to the many brave individuals of our day to continue to carry the torch.  There are many places all over the world where lives are lost fighting for the needed changes that we seem to take for granted here at home.

Just last week 21 people were killed in a suicide bombing and shootout at a restaurant in Kabul.  Among these people was a  young woman, Lexie Kamerman, from Chicago, Illinois.  She was in Kabul working as a student development specialist at the American University of Afghanistan.  Her family stated proudly that she was helping women “get an education and take their rightful place as leaders in Afghan society.”

Where would we be without brave people such as Lexie Kamerman?  Without icons and activists such as Martin Luther King, Jr; without people whose mission is making a change?  I believe that without such altruistic and pure heroes the array of inequalities that our world has developed over time would linger and would become stagnant.  Luckily this is not the case, as their are countless people whose lives have been devoted to continuing on the path towards change and progression, a path that people like Martin Luther King, Jr. sacrificed his life for.

Though many lives end too soon, the legacy they leave will live on to inspire countless others.  Today, not only do we honor the great Martin Luther King Jr., but all those who have stood up for their beliefs, those who would not give up despite those who said it may be dangerous, and those who knew change must occur.  I would like to say “thank you” on behalf of The Women’s International Fund for Education to all the brave people who have prioritized their cause and dedicated their lives to something greater than themselves, especially if the cause be for the equality of all people.

A New Year Brings New Excitement

By: Hannah Franz

The year of 2013 brought many great moments for The Women’s International Fund for Education.  A few of the highlights included sending out our second scholarship to Tena Mahanyu, obtaining official 501 (c)-3 non-profit status, and holding a fundraiser at Shine Cafe in Sacramento, California.  These accomplishments would not be possible without the great support we have witnessed and continue to witness.

Each year we are growing which likewise affects the amount of resources we have to use towards our mission.  We are very excited for the New Year and have some great things in store.  Our Director of Outreach now lives in Chicago and is planning a fundraiser there in the Spring.  In March we will be accepting a new round of applications, and we are excited to have the ability to help more women realize their dream of a college education.  We will also preparing to launch our first annual 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament Fundraiser in the Bay Area of California in May of this year.  There are so many exciting events and decisions about to unfold and we hope that supporters, both new and old, are ready to celebrate these great events along each step of the way.

Come Together

BY: Hannah Franz

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is a success.”

– Henry Ford 

Getting a group of passionate, talented people can be a feat in and of itself.  Once you have found those people, you have to make sure they are all committed and moving in the same direction.  Commitment can be shown by following through with what one says, making an effort without being asked, and being present and available when called.  Through a good friendship or relationship, you may have experienced these or similar behaviors.  This is the first step to making the relationship last.

The next step is figuring out how to get passionate individuals who come from completely different backgrounds working together successfully.  A good place to start is making sure you all have patience, are understanding, and have an open mind.  Each person must listen to one another’s ideas even though they may be drastically different from what each person had in mind.  Each person will disagree on many things.  Having these disagreements will lead to many productive conversations and meetings.

The five women of WIFE all have very different personalities and thoughts on how things should be done. All members are respected and given a chance to voice any concerns or opinions.  Bringing together this diverse group of women has lead to much success and some really great ideas.  The way we are able to work together along with our underlying passion, mission, and vision have kept WIFE progressing.

Another part of success is having the right amount of people working together.  For WIFE, five is a good number.  When we need to vote on something, there are enough to have a majority.  Five different perspectives can be a lot, but not too many to become unmanageable.  Looking at an issue, idea, or subject with our five minds can provide insight that two or three people may not be able to access.

Maintaining our working relationship with each member will always be something we have to make an effort to do. We have built and will continue to build a successful organization that continues to work toward providing women access to education worldwide.

First Fundraiser!  Photo Credit: Viceral Media

First Fundraiser!
Photo Credit: Viceral Media

A Virtue to Gain… Patience

By: Hannah Franz 

“Always remember that the future comes one day at a time.”

– Dean Acheson

When I read about one of my causes or learn about a new issue, a very emotional reaction often follows.  Emotional reactions have gotten a bad rap as people will attribute spontaneous actions to these reactions.  These reactions are what motivate people to take action and not settle for the present state.  They tell us what is wrong and then push us to brainstorm on ways to improve the situation.

It was through various travels, along with an increasing awareness of the inequalities women in developing countries face on a daily basis, that The Women’s International Fund for Education became an idea. The founders and board members all have an emotional tie and passion for the change education can make in one’s life.  We know that education is an extremely powerful tool and want access to be an opportunity everyone is afforded.

Sometimes we can have an initial reaction that evokes something inside us, but that sole reaction will not be enough to make a real difference.  The spark that keeps the fire ignited is a constant pursuit of research while seeking out, building, and joining networks, and continually advocating for your cause. That initial lightening bolt is all you need to make a difference; however, all talk and no action will lead to a complainer that will fall upon deaf and bored ears.  You can know all the facts and have researched your cause endlessly, but if you are just wanting to be a know-it-all dwelling in the negative of the world, people aren’t going to care or take you seriously.

I often think of all the wonderful things I want to do for the world and how easy it will be to accomplish them.  I also fail to acknowledge all the steps that must be taken and the hoops one has to jump through to simply get the ball rolling.  W.I.F.E. was not established in a month, a year, or even two.  It took three years for us to become an official tax exempt 501(c)-3 nonprofit. While waiting for our status to be approved we would hold meetings, events, and fundraisers as if we were a non-profit to sustain momentum.  While we waited, our passion would not allow us to be stagnant.  The confidence that we would one day gain non-profit status kept us going even though there was no guarantee that we would meet our goals.

Be solution focused.  Be patient.  Don’t give up.

If you know you were meant to make a change and you know what you truly care about, you will be unstoppable.  Nothing is going to happen quickly, but every inch will accumulate – and eventually you will be making a difference on some scale.  Persist.


Be Your Best

By: Hannah Franz

“I don’t believe you have to be better than everyone else.  I believe you have to be better than you ever thought you could be.”

– Ken Venturi

Having your cause is the first step, but how do you get other people to feel as strongly as you do – or even listen to what you have to say?  You can have a solid foundation for your cause, but you have to have the right people that know they can make a difference backing the cause as well.

When the issue, that would later become W.I.F.E.’s cause, was first ignited in our founder’s spirit, it started many deep and lengthy conversations that would lead to the organization’s construction.  From those conversations, one person became two, and then the two grew into five unstoppable women.  The Women’s International Fund for Education’s board of directors each come from extremely different backgrounds; however, each have a very important characteristic in common: a belief and the confidence that they can and will make a difference.

W.I.F.E. knows that education is the solution to each problem women and men face in developing and developed countries.  We are lucky enough to have FIVE extremely motivated, assured women on board to share the stories, knowledge, and enthusiasm needed to spread what we know and bring it into the public eye.

There are many other groups and organizations accomplishing similar things.  Each of us want to empower women and make sure the world is an equal playing field for all of its inhabitants.  We aren’t competing though, because when you are trying to help others there is no winner.  There is only a motivation to keep at what you believe in when you see the successes your efforts have brought about and how you have inspired others to do something similar.