Ann Chesi Odemo – Kenya, Africa

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Ann Chesi Odemo


Ann has received a scholarship from WIFE for two consecutive years! Her continued passion for girls and women in society has moved her to set three new goals for 2016: to support opportunities for post primary education for girls while simultaneously meeting commitments to universal primary education, to guarantee sexual and reproductive health and rights, and to invest in infrastructure to reduce women and girls’ time burden [reducing the number of responsibilities in home so women can spend more time receiving an education and becoming entrepreneurs]. Ann has already taken steps toward meeting these goals by visiting homes that rehabilitate teenage mothers, counseling teenage mothers who have been abused, and counseling and providing sanitary towels to keep girls in school. She has a meeting set up with girls she counsels at the end of April. Ann is very excited to share pictures and updates of her work soon!

Ann is a motivated, tenacious woman and WIFE is delighted to support her on her path toward education.  We look forward to keeping you updated on her strive to empower women and girls in her native country of Kenya.


Ann is first born from a family of 24 and was raised by her grandmother.  Eventually Anne’s stepfather stepped in and allowed her to live with him and Anne’s mother.  These years were not a happy transition.  During the three years Anne lived with her stepfather and mother she was abused, mistreated, beaten, and denied the basic necessities parents provide for their children.

At the age of 15 Ann’s stepfather attempted to force her hand in marriage to a man who was already married.  This situation became her final straw, and she decided to run away to live with her grandmother again.  Ann was extremely motivated to continue her education, and she drew this motivation from the teachers and nurses in her home area of which she admired.

She continued to purse an education despite her towering obstacles.  Despite the beatings, abuse, and basic lack of food and nourishment from parents during her upbringing she was able to complete school and continue on to a Secretarial college.  Yet upon achieving this amazing goal, she just as soon was forced to discontinue her education to search for a job to ease increasing financial strains.  Since then Ann has been in and out of college while continuing to plan and pursue her dream of a doctoral degree in psychology and counseling.  Ann wants to help others who have undergone the hardships she knows all too well.  WIFE is extremely excited to help Ann pursue this dream!