The Women’s International Fund for Education would like to introduce the sale of necklaces crafted by the Etsy designer Heather Koontz.  These necklaces feature quotes from our scholarship recipients and inspirational quotes that reflect the ideals of WIFE.
 Click on the picture or the caption below each picture to order a necklace and support WIFE!



A girl with an extra year of education can earn 20% more as an adult.



WIFE realizes that each scholarship provided is one step closer to changing the world. 



When Upendo was asked what education would do for her – she simply, but powerfully replied “Set me free”. 



Upon inquiring to our first scholarship recipient why she sought after an education, Tena replied “In Tanzania, only the educated are free”. 



WIFE is committed to ensuring education is an option for women across the globe. 



“Educate a Woman, Change a Community” is an African Proverb from which we have drawn much inspiration.